About Rebeccah

About Rebeccah

Meet Your Personal Life Coach

I am a certified life coach. I am also a board certified music therapist and have a Master's in counseling. I provide trainings, facilitation and coaching throughout the United States. I operate my private practice out of Whitesboro, NY specializing in corporate training, couples coaching and one-on-one life coaching.

Here in Whitesboro, I am also known as the relationship guru doling out expert coaching every Tuesday morning on KISS-FM in Utica, NY on the program 'Confession Tuesday.'

Through (9) years of school and (10) in professional experience, I have developed my practice to teach possibility. My style of coaching allows you to create whatever Inspired Results you are looking for.

I believe that there is no pain that can't be healed because we all have the capacity to breathe and feel our way through whatever pain we are in. What if there is no past that cannot be used as an advantage? What if all of this can be true for humanity?

Our body is a container that accepts, processes and releases the pain if we allow it. In this way, there isn't a single story that is too much for any one person. We are all capable of this seemingly monumental task, because we were all born able to breathe.

The trick is not to constrict the pain. It's all too common a reaction. It's an intuitive reaction. Our world is filled with this constriction and pain. There are those among us that can teach you the way out. I am one of them. I can lead you out of the darkness and pain.

Why Hire Me?


I practice what I coach. I have a coach and trainer myself and keep myself in deep personal work. I never ask my clients to do what I wouldn't do or haven't done.

It's hard to know why you might hire one coach over another, or why to hire a coach at all. Luckily, I've had the opportunity to identify what makes me unique.

I have been told that my unique ability to see and identify patterns and subconscious behaviors makes me a strong coach. I also care deeply about my clients and have an intense, but loving approach to breakthroughs and life changes that empower my clients to Inspired Results. I pride myself on being authentic and honest. I am not afraid to confront your fears. You will be asked to change beliefs and patterns so that you can have the Inspired Results you want.

Legacy Training Certification

Rebeccah received her training and certification as an Integrative Holistic Coach through the Legacy Training Institute. The 6-month program requires the completion of five weekend Legacy Seminars with a minimum of 1,500 coaching hours.