"Life is not about the moments we want, but about the moments we have."

Rebeccah Silence

Meet Rebeccah

Rebeccah Silence, Integrative Holistic Coach, Facilitator, Radio Personality, and Owner of Inspired Results, is committed to people leading lives of faith, courage, and power.
Born in Germany, Rebeccah launched her career in New York where she became known for "Confession Tuesday" radio, Inspired Results Coaching, Women's Weekend and Women's Leadership Retreats.

After taking her Inspired Results practice to Colorado, Rebeccah also facilitates as the Director of Student Success for Legacy Training International (the only Integrative Holistic Life Coaching Certification in the world). Rebeccah serves 5 months a year dedicated to teaching and facilitating Life Coaching (IHC) students to become the "World's best Life Coaches." As a Cancer survivor and advocate for families, social transformation and wellness, Rebeccah believes in "Making the Impossible, Possible".

Legacy Training Certification

Rebeccah received her training and certification as an Integrative Holistic Coach and Facilitator through the Legacy Training Institute. The 6-month program requires the completion of five weekend Legacy Seminars with a minimum of 1,500 coaching hours.