Cancer healed me

What if I told you I am blessed to have had cancer?

What if I told you I am healed because of cancer?

What if I told you I am thankful for pain so terrifying that at moments I wished for death?

What if I told you I damned God on the worst days, but because of cancer, I have a new perspective around death, disease and spirituality?

What if I told you cancer made me the healthiest I have ever been?

This is my truth.

I am well.
I am strong.
I am healed.
I am whole.
I am safe and supported.

And I always was, regardless of my circumstances or challenges. Cancer showed me a different perspective.

Last October, doctors diagnosed me with stage three metastatic melanoma after a mole on my arm burst. I was seven months pregnant with my now 9-month-old daughter Seneca Rosemarie. Doctors revealed it was because of the hormones produced by my pregnancy that the rupture – which revealed the cancer – even occurred.

My angel baby used her gift of life to allow me to continue living mine.
I am thankful. And the lessons I’ve learned have been life-changing.
Cancer showed me areas where I had been suffering and needed healing. Through cancer, I learned healing is possible on a whole new level.

Cancer taught me my body is strong and capable.
I faced seven surgeries during and after my pregnancy and four months of chemotherapy treatments.

Cancer taught me to listen to a body I had been shaming for a lifetime.When chemotherapy treatments had left my body almost useless, I prayed for a miracle. The next morning, I was clear I would stop chemotherapy treatments.

And I did.

Cancer taught me a force bigger than me is always on my side.
I surrendered and became connected with myself in a profound new way.

And now, I realize I’ve never been alone. I only had to reach out and LISTEN.