What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching will allow you to see yourself fully, including your strengths, your patterns, and your triggers. It is solution-focused and action plan based vs. obstacle-focused and problem based.

Coaching addresses the mental patterns, emotional blocks, and current actions that create the experiences in your life. We will reveal reality in order to change it.

In coaching, the goal is for you to be deeply rooted in your power so that life's circumstances do not derail you. You will be living life on purpose and designing your life, even if you have never seen it done before.

Coaching supports you in setting up your life the way that you have always dreamed it could be. This will allow you to give back more to the world, making a conscious contribution, rather than living a reactive life on autopilot where you are depleted and therefore unable to give to the world.

Why Coaching?

I believe that we all do the best that we can with the tools that we have, and that people are all striving towards love and connection. Our choices are our coping skills and when people are given new tools and new coping skills, you can change your life from a space of loving leadership.

Coaching allows you to sit in the driver's seat of life. We are all the common denominator in all of our experiences. If you don't like your experience, then it's up to you to do a different dance step to change it. Coaching teaches new dance steps.

"I don't believe that people are their choices. I believe that their choices are coping skills." ~ Rebeccah Silence