Commit to your most Inspired relationship with your significant other

Commit to your most Inspired relationship with your significant other

A Couple's Intensive allows you to take a deep dive into your relationship. It is very common to hit power struggles and drama that jeopardize your relationship. You can unconsciously relive your past and recreate what you (both) saw in your parent's relationships. I will facilitate breaking through this conflict, and support you in getting back to love. You will learn how to consciously design your future together while letting go of your past.

I teach the art of preserving relationships. I do not believe that people need to throw other people away. I believe that all relationships are salvageable if both people are committed to repairing and re-negotiating their relationships.

Inspired Results offers 50-minute couples coaching sessions with Rebeccah Silence in person, by phone or via skype. With Rebeccah as your guide, you and your significant other will have the opportunity to heal together, but more importantly get in front of the problems, issues and fights they may be dwelling in the near future. Her expert guidance will keep you focused and put you on track to a healthier relationship.

She offers various packages to meet your needs. Coaching is available in person, by phone or via skype. Email for more information on how you can rebuild your relationship with the one you love.

Accept Rebeccah's Coaching challenge to rekindle the flame

If you’re looking for something more hands-on than a short session at Inspired Results, Rebeccah offers 2 day advanced intensive couples counseling at a hotel or rented cabin to get your mind solely focused on each other that involves:

  • Taking a deep dive into your relationship
  • Designing your future together
  • Learning how to recreate your relationship
  • Having progressive conversations

Take on the challenge to ignite the flame in your relationship.

With Rebeccah’s help, you can learn how to break through conflict and get back to love. It’s common for couples to go through struggles that affect their relationship and that’s very normal, but it’s in your control to let go of your past and rebuild a future with your partner. Rebeccah will travel to you for these services.
  • 2 days with Rebeccah $3,000