What if we are all winning all the time? I know that sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I understand that circumstances can sting and feel threatening. I also know that anything in my life that’s happened that I didn’t “like” or “want” has supported me in growing and in seeing myself as stronger and more capable.

Last week I had 1 flight that was cancelled, I was bumped off of another flight, my dog ate a toxic dose of chocolate, and I was running on 3 hours of sleep, 7 months pregnant attempting to get from NY to Arizona. This was all in one morning. Not my favorite kind of morning to say the least. Instead of curling up into a ball and having a tantrum like I wanted to, what I did was ask myself why this was exactly what I needed for my highest growth .

I have a friend who likes to say: “the universe is always conspiring in our favor.” Because the first flight was cancelled I was available to support my pet sitter in saving my dog. I was with my husband who I love the whole morning and we were able to get an extra few hours of sleep. We received $1000.00 worth of travel vouchers from the airline. I made it to my destination stronger as a person and my marriage was stronger as a result of the obstacles that my husband and I faced that day. We are all always winning; even when it isn’t obvious.

I’m not saying take crap and turn it into something positive. I’m saying whatever happens is out of my control and I can always use it to my advantage. I have control over whether or not I am going to fight with my circumstances. When I fight I lose. When I embrace my circumstances and use them to grow I win.

You’re winning!!