Make the IMpossible, possible!

Inspired Results Women’s Weekend 2016

Two weeks ago, 12 women came together to change their lives for the better. With the support of my team, I was able to facilitate these women for three days offering curriculum that allowed them to create “Inspired Results” in their lives, any time that they choose.

The women who attended my last women’s weekend showed up hungry to grow, learn and transform their lives. My work incorporates teaching but mostly I provide experiences to support these women in having a physiological shift so that their intellectual knowledge can become integrated and become the new normal for their lives.

Let me tell you exactly what it’s like. Our weekend consists of three parts: setting intention, freedom (getting unstuck), and leadership.

Friday night is all about intention. The women get their bearings in the house, get an individual reiki session, have the opportunity to get to know each other, enjoy the jacuzzi and refreshments and then we get to work. Friday night I teach my secret sauce formula of how to set intention so that you can actually have what you say you want. I facilitate in getting crystal clear about what you want, why you want it and how your life will change when you have it. We close out the night by setting the stage for Saturday, which is all about Freedom and getting unstuck.

Saturday is a really big day where I facilitate processes, exercises, and opportunities for you to see where you trap yourself, where life is trapping you and where you may be unconsciously living as a prisoner of your past. It’s a hard and important day to clear the path so that Inspired Results can be yours, permanently. Saturday night we have a lot of fun and get ready for Sunday which is all about Leadership.

Leadership to me means taking charge. The final day of the women’s weekend is spent learning how to keep moving even when you’re scared. I also teach a clearing process to move through drama, fast. I teach you how to create a support system and finally we take on commitment to next steps for how to take what was taught at the seminar out into the world and into your life.

During this recent Intensive I witnessed miracle after miracle. One of those was watching the women come together and bond so quickly. What I have come to know is that when women come together magic happens! Another was with a participant named Amber. We did an exercise on healing that was extremely powerful.

Amber’s mother passed away when she was a teenager. Since, an ever-present sadness and depression has come in waves over her all these years. Living life like this over such a long period of time has caused her anguish. This weekend Amber decided that she wasn’t leaving unless the seminar unless she left feeling truly free, and she did it. She was able to say goodbye. Amber got a standing ovation from every woman as she cried and shouted out, “I am free,” finally feeling and truly believing that for the first time in her life.

I know that it is possible to heal through pain, suffering, anger, fear, and sadness. The women who do seminars with me leave knowing this, as well as the goal that they came to accomplish. I don’t know a better way to support women in healing that’s faster than seminar work. My curriculum is intense but fun and, without a doubt, life changing.

I want everyone to know that they can make the IMpossible, possible. I don’t actually think anyone needs to grow. The people that I have the honor of working with already have incredible lives… but they want more. I am so inspired by those people who want to grow from where they are —  because they can. You allow yourself to answer these questions…

What if healing is possible?

What if letting go of fear is possible?

What if taking charge of your life is possible?

What if loving your life is possible?

My intention for providing Inspired Results weekend seminars, private coaching, corporate training, couple’s intensives, my radio show and keynote speeches is to inspire people to grow into their best selves so that they can lead their best lives.

I will be offering a Women’s Leadership Weekend in April 2016 and another Inspired Results Women’s Weekend in November 2016.

Make the IMpossible, possible!