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A Holistic Approach to Personal Growth

"In life coaching, there are lots of different flavors and lots can be done on a surface level, but a lot of life coaches aren't trained to go deeper. I will coach you into inspired results regardless of the circumstances. Inspired results means more than 'where am I' and 'where do I want to go.'

I tell people to be careful of people giving advice. Nobody needs advice; you are the answer. You're the teacher in your life. You're the guru."

The Girl Who Changed My View On Fear

"I am honored to work with awesome people every day in my coaching practice. I have permission to share a story that touched my heart this week in a session with a young girl. I was so blown away by this girl's insight and courage. We were coaching on healthy expression of emotion and discussing how if emotions are not expressed, they are stored in the body and can create dis-ease."

Learn How to Manage Difficult People

"All managers, at one time or another, are faced with office breakdowns resulting from disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, low morale and time management issues. While breakdowns and crises in the workplace will happen, it is possible to be proactive in managing them. Managers are expected to manage departments, staff and teams in order to meet the goals and objectives of their organizations."