"When you understand that it is possible for you to keep moving forward towards the Inspired life you want, so that you can be who you are for others, you've arrived at an inspired life."

Rebeccah Silence

Most services available in person, via phone or virtually!

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Inspired Results Services:


About Inspired Results Coaching Packages

Are you ready to feel alive again?

Purchase a 4 session coaching package to get started in creating Inspired Results in your life now.

You will know it’s time to purchase a coaching package if:

  1. You feeling uninspired or you are wanting inspiration.
  2. You are ready to create inspired possibility for your life.
  3. You don’t know what you want yet, but you know that you want different results.
  4. You know what you want, but aren’t sure how to get it.
  5. You want to live inspired as the rule, not the exception.

Inspired Results Team Intensives

Has your team been struggling to connect and produce effective results? Do you want your team to connect, grow and level up now?

All teams have the ability to produce at high levels. All teams hit conflict on their way to optimal performance.

It is time for an Inspired Results Team Intensive when:

  1. The Team is in conflict.
  2. The team is not producing at the highest level that they could be.
  3. The team is not seeing and utilizing each other’s strengths.
  4. The team is about to take on a new project or vision together.

About Inspired Results Coaching Intensives:

Are you ready to fall in love with your life?

Coach with me through Intensive half or full day coaching intensives to get Inspired Results even faster.
You will get Inspired Results through intensive coaching if:


  1. You know what you want but aren't sure how to get it.
  2. You are ready to grow and want to create a vision for your most inspired life, followed by a plan to create it.
  3. You know you have the Faith, Courage, and Power to create the Inspired life of your dreams.
  4. You want to live as fully as you possibly can.

About Inspired Results Couple's Intensives

Have you been missing your partner and wanting to reconnect?

In the beginning it's easy to love with an open heart. When you came together it was real and you wanted to take on the world and life, together, in love and in partnership. From there it gets hard or comfortable or both.

It's time for an Inspired Results couples intensive when:



  1. You know you love each other but don't have a vision for where your relationship is going.
  2. You want to learn how to be independent and have your relationship.
  3. You want even more intimacy, connection, and depth to your relationship.
  4. You want to find out if you can make "it" work because you want "it" to work.

About Inspired Results Family Intensives

Has your family been struggling to love and see each other? Do you want your family to heal, grow, and connect now?

All families love each other. All families go through hell and it is possible to come out the other side stronger, better and more connected. I teach you how to have the hard conversations, get the hurt out, and come together again.

It is time for an Inspired Results Family Intensive when:



  1. The family is hurting but wants to get through it together.
  2. The family wants to honor and support each individual in the family in being who they authentically are while staying a connected support system.
  3. The family was or is in crisis and needs Inspired guidance now.
  4. The family is going through or will be going through a big transition and wants to stay connected to inspired possibility.

About Speaking Services

Are you looking for a speaker to connect, inspire and move your audience forward?

Are you ready to offer a movement of Inspiration to your market or team?

I have been in radio, Television, and speaking to audiences and teams for 12 years. Your listeners will not forget hearing me share inspired possibility and real life transformation with them.

About Inspired Results Online courses

Are you ready to drop doubt, conformity, and self protection so that you can be Inspired for all of us? Are you looking for the roadmap to an Inspired Life?

We all can't be in retreat, seminars, or coaching all the time so I have developed online courses. Wherever you are in your growth, if you have a dream that you are unwilling to wait another second for, join me, on your time, at your pace.

Start Living Inspired. The Online Course. Coming soon.

Inspired Results Mastery. The Online Course. Coming soon.

About Women's Weekend & Women's Leadership Retreats

Are you looking for support? Are you looking for connection? Are you looking for ways to level up and get ahead?

Women are better when they feel loved, safe, supported and held. When women work together nothing is impossible and creation becomes possible. I created Inspired Results Women's Retreats because I wanted my phenomenal clientele to meet each other. I had a dream of a community of women loving, leading, and being fully authentic, together. I wanted to see women cheering each other on and holding each other to their greatness. That is what got created and that is what my team and I deliver in every single women's retreat that we produce. The miracles have been truly incredible to witness. Join us in Fall 2020 for our next Inspired Results Women's Retreat.