I’ve been coaching with Rebeccah Silence on and off for several years. She’s coached me on my business, marriage,TeddyIR divorce, being a father, being a son and communicating in positions of leadership. Through Rebeccah’s coaching, I discovered the blocks keeping me from where I wanted to be in life. I learned that what was keeping back stemmed from deep emotional issues from long ago.

Just like on her radio show Confession Tuesday on KISS-FM, Rebeccah’s one-on-one coaching is intense and to the point. She communicates clearly and responds quickly. She has developed the muscle of coaching with clarity, power and confidence.

That gift paired with her years of experience, means that in even a single hour session, your life is going to shift. You are going to move. Coaching with Rebeccah means you’re ready to take big leaps in life right now. This isn’t the dip- your-toe-in-the-water kind of coach.

Rebeccah is not afraid to get in there with you to help you uncover what’s holding you back, with guidance of how to free yourself and give yourself permission to move on.