"Hello Rebeccah, I think of you every single day and how grateful I am for all that you have given me to love this life that I am happy in. So many changes have happened. So many challenges that have made me a stronger and a better human. The tools that you gave me have been the greatest gift I have ever received. and I will forever be grateful."

Rebeccah's Superpowers According to Clients

"Bringing women together. COMMUNITY, INTEGRITY, INTUITION and also commitment."

"EMPATHETIC. Understands other people's motivations, their needs and emotions. Inspiration. She has had her own trials and obstacles in her life has never had a reason to lose her fight. Her strength is what brought her to succeed and become who she is today. Determination keeps her moving forward. Not giving up when encountering obstacles. Good listener. Focuses on what is being said. Doesn't interrupt. Shows interest on what is being said. Not judgmental. Offers suggestions to help resolve the situation."

"1. TRUSTWORTHINESS- I know that what I say won't go past you (the exception, of course, for any counselor is mandated reporting - which is to save lives). 2- SINCERITY: You're honest and truly care about others. You want to help people create a better life. 3- EMOTIONAL and cognitive intelligence: You have high levels of both, which guide you to evaluate people and find the best way to help them."

"1. HONESTY 2. TRUST 3. OPEN HEART You have an ability to sense other people's energy and intuition. You can 100% focus on the task at hand. You're able to retrain my brain to help relieve stress and confusion. Your obvious intention is to free people of their trauma and help people believe that they have what it takes to make the impossible possible."

"Your ability to MOTIVATE. Your ability to take and give criticism in a loving manner. And, your CARING NATURE."

"POSITIVITY, TENACITY and INTEGRITY. Come to you for clarity, hope and encouragement."

"ENTHUSIASM. Eliciting the client's greatness. LOVE and KINDNESS."

"Your INSIGHT. You see things most others don't, from different perspectives. You're FACILITATILNG. You are a spectacular show woman. You OWN it. I believe you. You let us know you. You are VULNERABLE, REAL and LIVE SHAMELESS and let us see we can too.

"1. The way you COMMUNICATE something so that it is clear & understandable. This includes hard concepts. 2. PATIENCEand the way you stick with someone until they understand. You are there for someone when and how many times they need. 3. PASSION for right action. 4. You LOVE people for being people."

"1. Your EYES. They’re deep and captivating and produce a connection that is magnetic, grounded, safe and strong. I go to you because your eyes view the world differently and more distinctly than most other coaches. They’ve seen so much, yet your eyes are always engaged and compassionate. 2. Your VOICE. It’s one of the most calm cadences I’ve EVER been around. It’s rooted to some universe throat chakra, and I could listen to it for hours on end. I go to you because my ears crave love and compassion and steadiness in a world of chaos and madness ... your voice is plugged in to the energy of truth, or at least that’s been my experience. 3.  Your TRIBE. From your husband to heather. You have generated a community of badasses, and it’s crystal clear to me that you will do that wherever you go and under any circumstance. So I go to you to learn the power of connection. You and your tribe taught me that. And it’s unequivocally the most important part of experiencing life, growth and humanity."

"DECISIVE, DRIVEN, INSPIRING. You want the people around to lead their fullest best life and it shows! You care deeply about people and work hard to help them realize where they are holding themselves back. You help them grow through bad habits."

"You are INTUITIVE,  RESILIENT with challenges (big or small), and have incredible TENACITY."

"Rebeccah, there are so many reasons that I coach with you. You are a: 1. Powerful and influential LEADER 2. Gifted and insightful HEALER 3. Caring and supportive LIFE COACH"

"You are COMMITTED. You are CONFIDENT. You are GENUINE. I go to you when I am feeling like I need support to have these 3 qualities within my own self. You have a perfect way of helping people realize their worth in any situation and with a genuine spirit and love always."

"You are an absolute powerhouse!! I think one of your gifts is the ability to see GREATNESS in others, especially when they can’t recognize it themselves. You also have a way of COMMUNICATING that is direct and loving. I trust that you’ll be HONEST with me and have my best interest in mind. The words you speak often stay with me. You can INSPIRE others, including myself, to dream bigger and to go after those dreams. Thirdly, your COMMITTMENT stands out to me. You set out to do what you say’ll do and follow through. One more, I think you have a very LOVING presence. Not only do I want to be better around you, I feel better."

"1. POSITIVE – You are easily one of the most positive people I know. Even when you were pregnant & going through chemo you were always smiling. 2. ENCOURAGING – I’ve always felt like you were the ultimate cheerleader. If I ever needed someone to help me get through something you’d be the first I’d come to because I don’t think anyone would do a better job encouraging me to be my best. 3. DRIVEN – Your drive is unparalleled. To know what you came from as a child & in your first marriage to the powerhouse you are today is completely inspiring. You continue to get better and grow both personally & professionally."

More Client Testimonials!

One of the most important ingredients in transformation, healing and personal growth is working with a coach that truly cares. Rebeccah Silence is that coach. She not only has done the "personal growth" work herself, she actively works on her own growth and development while giving to community, her support team and her clients. Because she is driven and has a voice she is also a recognized radio personality that allows her to reach people who may not show up in her office or one of her seminars. When you hire a coach, you want someone who is trained, educated, experienced and gifted. Rebeccah is all of these things. She has a keen intuition and an open heart. Her work with children and families has made her a uniquely talented communications coach. Besides her education, seminar and work experience preparing her as a coach, she is also a certified Legacy Coach specially trained in integrative holistic coaching techniques. Rebeccah is a light for her clients and though she is humble and sweet, don't let her fool you. She insists on integrity, cleaning up messes and being authentic. I am Heather Steele and I recommend you coach with Rebeccah Silence and be inspired to grow your life and live your dreams.


Rebeccah's life coaching has the perfect balance of heart and action. She has helped me see through my self-made fog and moved me into clarity and action that moves my life toward the goals I want.


"For the time I've known and worked with Rebeccah, I've found her to be genuine, sincere, energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic. She shoots straight from the heart instead of from the hip which in my experience, makes her a good coach material."


The work Rebeccah and I have done together has enabled me to leap forward in my life and make the Big Jump! I appreciate the tools she brings to the table, her ability to listen with an open heart, and how she is never judgmental in her observations which really makes it easy for me to learn about myself. Thank you Rebeccah for all you have done!


Dear Rebeccah, I am very thankful that I have you in my life. It has been through working with you that I have been able to turn my life around and have been living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear! Also, I want to thank you for the amazing gift of being able to see what love actually looks like, you are amazing! I have learned so much from you.I thank God for your amazing talent in touching my life and the lives of those around you. You helped me tremendously and for that I am forever thankful! Warmest


"I heard your last broadcast on Tuesday. I heard about your condition and I felt I had to write to you. I wanted you to know the impact you've had on my life in the time that you've been on Kiss for the last two years. The most impressive thing I heard was how very sharp you are. Many people are life coaches, or in someway involve in helping people with their life choices, but not everyone is as grounded and insightful as you are. When you give advice, it is practical and sensible. It always feels like you want to be more specific but because you don't personally have the person in front of you, you do your best. "


Rebeccah Silence is a genuine. She is real, she is committed and she is willing to go that "extra mile" that so many people sit on the sidelines for. She is a Coach, Counselor, Teacher, and Mother, but more than that she is a leader. She believes that love heals people and she is a beautiful example of giving of herself to the "cause" of love and growth so to speak. One of the qualities that most inspires me about Rebeccah is her courage to go beyond her fears. She does not let a little "issue" stop her from achieving her dreams or being her word. I love that she heals people through her intellect and great gifts but also through her music. She sings from the heart whether actually singing or teaching or coaching...Rebeccah is willing to put herself out there, be vulnerable, and let the world know it is "okay" to be exactly who you are and living your truth. It inspires me to see women like Rebeccah making a difference, changing a paradigm and raising the bar. Thank you Rebeccah, you inspire me!


Before I met Rebeccah, I knew exactly what I wanted out of life. I knew I wanted to go back to school to be a massage therapist, and I knew I wanted my own business. But I wasn't even close.I felt stuck in a dead-end job with no money and my dream seemed far off. I battled with depression and learning disabilities and never following through. I knew this wasn't how my life was supposed to be. I found Rebeccah through Facebook where she friended me. It was awhile from then that I contacted Rebeccah, and it took all my strength to make that first step. I remembered being so scared, but I was more scared to continue with how my life was. I knew there had to be something better, and I had a strong feeling Rebeccah would help get me there. I started seeing Rebeccah in April 2012. Within weeks, she showed me I was responsible for my life and I could create my life the way I wanted it. It was up to me to raise the bar and not settle. In a few months, I finished my GED threw away my depression medication and applied to massage therapy school where I was accepted. Massage school was very difficult for me, but for the first time I did whatever it took to get through and now I am a licensed massage therapist starting my own practice. I am so grateful I found Rebeccah. She has shown me that anyone can follow their dreams and create anything they want.


Dear Rebeccah,
How do I even begin to tell you how much you mean to me? When we started coaching last year, I was looking for a mentor as I dabbled in a new interest of becoming a life coach that now has become an exciting career adventure. I quickly learned I had my own stuff to work through before I could help others. You helped me in so many ways:
I have healed wounds to a point of tolerance and where they don't rule my life. You taught me how to love unconditionally and to let go of control. And you led me to Legacy, where I solidified my desire to become a holistic life coach. You are one of the strongest and most courageous women I know, and your story continues to inspire me.


Two and a half years ago, I found myself numb and disconnected with myself, my life and everyone in it. I had a job, owned a house, had many supportive relationships in my life, but I knew something was lacking. I heard Rebeccah on Confession Tuesday and decided to contact her. I figured I would try life coaching as nothing I was doing seemed to be working in my life. My life has taken a 180-degree turn since working with Rebeccah. The life I only dreamed of has become a reality and it's directly correlated with the work I have done with Rebeccah. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid. I have re-created myself though acquired leadership and communication skills. Through this work I became empowered to apply to a Harvard Doctoral program. Once a fantasy, attending Harvard is now a possibility. I am now debt-free with a thriving savings account balance. I've been accepted into a holistic life coaching program. My mental and physical well-being are at an all time best. Meditation and gratitude now embellish my "new life story" as opposed to my "old life story" of fear, guilt, shame and resentment. I have a loving relationship with my significant other. I received a promotion. I have more self confidence and the strategies and tools to handle whatever comes my way. I feel "reborn" and believe anything is possible for me. My once timid and unhappy self has been revamped into someone who can have it all. Co-workers, friends, and family notice the new me and ask what I have been doing differently. I attribute it to the work I have done with Rebeccah. She continues to challenge and support me in achieving my highest self.


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